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I help professional service firms quickly to get grip on finance and processes.


(Interim) CFO/COO | Profit and Efficiency Improvement Legal Profession | Legal Operations | LPM | Coaching Partners | Trainer, guest speaker and chairman | Lean | Mediator | Twitter: @H_Schuurman | Abcoude

More about my services

As an experienced CFO/COO and advisor, I have experience with management problems and large projects within the office. 

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CFO/COO on call

No CFO or office director employed, but there is a periodic need for a financial/managerial view, then I would be happy to assist the partner group.


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Financial and business advisor

Are you looking for sound financial advice or assistance with administrative issues within your office or the partner group? Years of management and CFO experience provide me with a framework for various issues within the office.


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Project Manager

I have experience in leading large projects. I am happy to assist you in setting up, leading and implementing large office projects.

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Interim manager

Do you have a temporary capacity requirement on a financial or administrative level? 10 years of experience as an interim manager will help you when high-quality capacity is needed for a defined period.

Profit efficiency process improvement legal profession

These training courses are tailor-made for the office, with the financial topics that are important to you for the target groups:

- (prospective) partners

- employees who will manage files

- starters learn to record hours

Financial metro card legal profession

The financial metro map (link) is a conceptual framework for the financial management of the office by coordinating people, clients, files, investments and financing.

The impact of these flows on finances becomes visible in the model


Legal Project Management

This is an extensive training on preparing, planning, budgeting, managing and completing/evaluating a file.

The result of the training is better communication with the customer and fewer wasted hours.

Intervision supervisor NOvA

I am a certified intervision supervisor by the Dutch Bar Association and supervise several firms 

More about my training

I periodically give training and lectures at offices or training agencies. Topics can be found below.

About Hans Schuurman

Managerial and practical experience with finance, projects and processes of your office


As (interim) office director/CFO, I help your office to become more profitable and efficient.

I have experience with large implementation projects and led project and finance teams.

My business background and Harvard Leading Professional Service Firms give me the skills to understand and improve your business processes.

I follow current affairs and international conferences for my training, lectures and publications.



"Hans is very professional and knows well how the legal profession works. He advises, provides structure and ensures that projects come to a successful conclusion. Finances are in good hands with Hans. He knows exactly where the triggers are for profit improvement and gets the partners participate in this. Hans is an innovator within legal services."

Director at a large law firm

"Hans was the only project leader who really understood how it worked."

Client for a major integration project at Fortis Bank

"You have achieved more in one year than your predecessors did in 19 years"

Managing partner at large law firm

"At the beginning I thought, what a stubborn person this is. But in the end, his arrival made the office a lot more professional. What is special is Hans' personal involvement with the people."

Partner at large law firm

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